Non-Chemical Mite Treatments

Varroa mites are abundant this year, according to Craig Petros, Bee Inspector. 

Treatment Ideas 

1.  Sprinkle dry crushed eucalyptus leaves inside the top lid before closing us the hive for winter. The odor will drive mites from the hive.

*Taken from an article in The American Bee Journal, July 2012, page 674.


2.  A recipe I have tried in the past: Place 6 oz. of vegetable oil in a sandwich-size plastic container. Add eight drops of PURE tea-tree oil and eight drops of thyme oil.   Stir gently. Soak a beer coaster in the solution. Remove excess drips and place on top bar of bottom deep.  Solution will be enough for 4-6 coasters.


Submitted by: Jeanne Malterer