Officers & Committees

The 2016 Dodge Jefferson Beekeepers officers are pictured above.  From left to right:  Treasurer Mel Saeger, President Tracy Malterer, Vice President Steve Drajeske, Secretary Melanie Williams.

Feel free to contact them if you want to learn more about the club or have any questions.

2015 Committees

Below is a list of the committees for this year and their chairperson:

Fish Fry
Jackie Tracy
Honey Queen
Tracy Malterer, Abby Tracy
Elaine Mason
Club Yard Management
To be determined
To be determined
Louis Antonioni, Mike Masche
Dodge Country Fair
Jeanne Malterer
State Fair
To be determined
Brat Fry
Tracy Malterer
Kim and Dylon Pokorny
John Kuhn
 Club Yard Tours
Teresa Miller