About Us & Contact Information

The Dodge-Jefferson Beekeepers Association is an organization that promotes the general interest and pursuit of bee culture. Our goals are to promote the use of honey and hive products while providing fellowship and networking opportunities with beekeepers and the agriculture industry at large.

We welcome all levels of beekeepers. Our membership includes beginners with a small hobby interest all the way to seasoned commercial beekeepers. We are one of the few clubs in the state of Wisconsin that maintains an active club hive yard (apiary). This opportunity allows us to combine the wisdom of the ages with new technology and research to advance the success of our club members through education, information, and promotion. While the goal of the club yard may be to improve the health and production of our bees, our members and the community at-large receive many benefits including increased awareness through hands on interaction.

The DJBA takes advantage of many opportunities to share the adventure of beekeeping with our community. Members present at many local community agriculture events, fairs, and the Wisconsin State Fair. Members also lead sessions with local schools and at various 4-H events to share the inner workings of the hive and the many products of beekeeping.

Come learn through fellowship and fun. Join us at our monthly meetings. Check out the events calendar or the home page for dates and locations of upcoming meetings and events. Summer meetings are often held at the club bee yard.

If you have a question about the Dodge Jefferson Beekeepers, please send an email to ContactUs@dodge-jeffersonbeekeepers.com.

In 2019 the Constitution and Bylaws were updated.  Click here to see them:  2019 Constitution and ByLaws